A Little Housekeeping
We know that this might seem like common sense and a lengthy read. We’d like you to take the time. Read it if you like. Don’t if you don’t. HOWEVER, by paying for the balance of your accommodation YOU ARE AGREEING TO IT. At the very least, forward it to everyone else in your group because we are banking that there is always one in every group to keep the lot of you in line! :)

Parking on the road is not permitted by Mount Washington and is strictly enforced. Be sure to park so that we can SQUEEZE 4 abreast in the driveway and in the spots indicated in red based on the unit you have booked. Note: the ski trail to the left of the chalet is not for parking. Wouldn't want your car swept away by a groomer! You will not find other legal parking on the mountain. If you drive a large vehicle you will not fit two deep so make arrangements with your group to occupy two parking stalls with your vehicle or take the spot in front of the door. Please contact us at 250.871.8807 if you find other vehicles parked in your allotted spot and please do not contribute to the problem by parking in any other driveway.


Lower Unit Parking



Parking Upper Unit

If snow falls during your stay, you are responsible for digging your own car out. Shovels are provided. Chateau Cona is on a routine snow clearing schedule. In the event that 6 inches or more snow accumulates, Alpine Mountain Maintenance will clear the driveway. However, they can`t do that if your vehicles are parked there. If you happen to be around the chalet when Alpine Mountain Maintenance is clearing snow in the area and more than 6 inches has fallen, do you best to work with them and move your vehicles out of the way so that they can clear the driveway for you. It will make it much easier for you when you need to depart. Please note that under no circumstances will Alpine Mountain Maintenance clear snow upon a guest's request on our account without our approval.

Equipment is not permitted inside the suites proper. The mudroom by which you enter your suite is designated as the equipment area. We do our best to provide a quality “gear-down” area so that you are not inclined to bring gear into the suite damaging our walls or furniture. If you are not satisfied with the space, please let us know how we might improve it and keep your gear locked in your car when you aren’t using it. We’ll do our best to make it better for your next stay.

Please note that lost or stolen gear is not the responsibility of Chateau Cona so if there are separate groups renting the upper and lower suites, please be advised to use the Ski Keys provided or one of your own. You will find the locks in the kitchen drawer closest to the entrance of your suite. Both groups have the same access to the mudroom.

Please keep the locks themselves in a safe place and return them to the kitchen drawer in which you found them. Lost or stolen Ski Keys will be charged to the credit card on file at the rate of $35 per lost Ski Key.

No waxing of skis and snowboards or bike maintenance in the chalet or on the decks. We are working on provided a quality space in the basement for you to do this. No drying gear in the sauna. Use the drying facilities provided.

Chateau Cona has a smoke free policy. Our policy includes the decks out of respect for non-smokers that may wish to use the hot tubs and because it can travel through the chimney vents into the suites. British Columbia law has instituted a 3-meter buffer zone referring to the area around public doorways and opening windows that cannot be used as an area to smoke. We have a zero tolerance policy in this regard and choose to respect BC laws. Please don’t cut your vacation short by smoking disrespectfully.

If you have paid for the full-cleaning option, and during your stay you have filled your in-suite garbage can, you can toss your waste in one of the larger lidded garbage cans in front of the chalet (winter) or inside the mudroom (summer - to avoid critter problems). Please make sure that there is a bag lining the can. You’ll find new bags under the sink to line both cans. The large blue bin is for recycling and recycling waste must be clean before going in the bin. i.e. yogurt container or tin cans, for example, must be rinsed of remaining food before being recycled. Note that this is only for recyclables. “Returnables” – drink containers labelled “return for deposit” – are kept in each suite and if you do not remove them yourself they will be removed by the cleaning staff. We return them to the local bottle depot and generally try to find a local fundraiser to donate them to. Thank you for your contribution.

If you have opted to self-clean then please pack out all your own garbage, recyclables or returnables. Fosters Place is not part of any strata or community garbage collection program. All garbage disposal facilities on Mount Washington are privately owned and we do not have the privilege of dumping refuse in any of them. We charge for garbage removal if you wish to leave it behind. Those who have full cleaning included in your stay, we will take your waste to the landfill as part of the full-cleaning service. If you wish to leave the returnables to donate to a local charity, we will pack them out for you when we tend to the hot tubs. Clean the in-suite cans if necessary. In the kitchen, replace the bag liner with a new one.

In the summer animals will get into the garbage if it is left outside so we keep it in the mudroom on the lower level. In an effort to minimize smells, please be sure to tie your kitchen catcher closed before throwing it in the large bin and replace the lid on the large bin securely.

It is our goal that everyone enjoys their stay but hopefully not at the expense of others. We expect you to abide by the rules outlined in our booking policy. One of the most important being 'noise and hot tubs no later than 11pm'. The noise travels when you are out on the deck. If there are separate groups renting the upper and lower units of the chalet, we trust that by agreeing to our policies you also agree to defer to your neighbours. If they bring anything to your attention (i.e. noise, inappropriate behaviour etc.), please respect their wishes. We generally try to email introduce separate groups so that you each feel comfortable talking to the other without apprehension. Who knows? You may need to borrow some sugar!

Please view our complete booking policy at the bottom of our Rates page - http://chateaucona.com/Rates.html  - and let us know if you have any questions. All the nitty gritty stuff about hot tubs and cleaning and the cancellation policy is listed there.

Looking forward to having you stay! We’re glad you read it all so that you could get down to the bottom and our sincere invitation to: "enjoy your stay in our chalet!!"

Brian and Karla
Chateau Cona